Welcome to Pordis

Pordis primarily offers contract design and engineering services to the renewable energy research and development community. Additionally, we support proof-of-concept determination support in other fields as needed by clients.

Please see our services page for capabilities and details. Recently, we added a product page for those items available for direct sale. We'll be adding more products in the coming months, so check back periodically to see what's new.

Thank you for visiting Pordis. Please let us know what we can do to further your research and development activities.



  • Feburary 2016 - Product information on Pordis' 140A 8-channel string-level I-V tracer and the 140B solar variability datalogger is now available on the products page.
  • UVSure™ is live. Find details at uvsure.com today.
  • October 2015 - The 150A battery protection accessory is now available for the Campbell Scientific PS100. Please see our products page for details.
  • December 2014 - Dr. Marquicia Pierce has been tapped to lead the UVSure™ research and development program. Information will be released about this program in the middle of 2015.